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Ever thought about giving up your job and moving into the middle of nowhere in the Portuguese countryside?

That’s what Ana & Al have done in search of great wine.

The globetrotting former war correspondent and ex-diplomat couple have decided their big new adventure is learning about their new home through wine - tasting it, writing about it and (eventually) making it.

On a Portuguese wine pilgrimage

But starting out knowing little more than P stands for Port and that V stands for Vinho Verde, they are quenching their thirst for knowledge by going on a Portuguese wine pilgrimage.

Join them on their cross-country foray through cork oak forests, getting their teeth into some Touriga Nacionals and their tongues around some other uniquely named Portuguese grape varieties.

Meeting the makers

They’re meeting maverick winemakers, visiting vineyards full of storytellers and tasting their way through two thousand years of grape-growing history.

Find out for yourself the secret the world’s wine experts have already discovered: that Portugal is not just a treasure trove of high-end fine wines but home to some of the best value for money vinos in the world.

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A journey through Portuguese vineyards collecting stories and learning to make wine


Alastair Leithead

Portugal trainee. Learning how to live off the grid in rural Alentejo after nearly 20 years as a BBC foreign correspondent. Collecting stories along the way.