The Big Portuguese Wine Adventure
Ana & Al's Big Portuguese Wine Adventure
Podcast Teaser

Podcast Teaser

We're getting ready to launch...

After vineyard visits, interesting interviews, tastings and lunches with the top winemakers in Alentejo (and after hours of editing!) we finally have a series that’s almost ready to launch!

We’re now planning events in Portugal, the US and the UK to spread the word and gather listeners from all corners of the globe, while trying to raise the funding we need to finish this ambitious series.

It’s a journey through the Alentejo region - a travelogue with wine at its centre, but with history and great storytelling at its heart.

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If you like wine, you’ll love the series, if you love Portugal and travel you’ll enjoy the adventure…and learn a bit more about wine along the way.

Grapes have been grown and wine has been made on this land for thousands of years.

We’re tracing Portugal’s past from the Stone Age through the Romans, the Moors and the Crusaders, to the Kings and Queens who led a golden age of exploration.

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A long dictatorship gave way to revolution and entry into the European community opened the door to a new age of Portuguese winemaking which has now matured and is ready to taste.

This five minute teaser has some of the highlights of the first half of what we hope will be just season one of our Big Portuguese Wine Adventure.

Take a listen and tell us what you think…

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So ladies and gentlemen, listen and learn, spread the word and join the conversation.

The Big Portuguese Wine Adventure
Ana & Al's Big Portuguese Wine Adventure
A new life in Portugal visiting vineyards, collecting stories and learning to make wine
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